The War Tour is a short story collection written by Zoe Lambert and, as the name suggests, is written around the theme of war.

If I had to define my connection with short story collections in general, it would probably be a love/hate relationship. Whilst I do enjoy reading short stories, there is a common problem I have noticed within short story collections as a whole. Despite (or perhaps even because of) the variety of the plots in the collection, I tend to love some stories within the collection but utterly despise and lose interest in others, which ultimately means that my opinion of many short story collections is mixed at best.

By some miracle, The War Tour does not suffer from this main flaw of short story collections at all. Each story is carefully crafted by Lambert and creates a strong emotional connection between the reader and the characters within each story. Whilst I definitely enjoyed some of the stories within the collection more than others (I loved “33 Bullets” and “Lebensborn” actually almost had me in tears, which is an exceptional feat for a novel to achieve), I never regretted reading any of the other short stories or dreaded reading the rest of a story after a few sentences. The War Tour also has a large amount of variety in each story, by showing multiple perspectives of people affected by war. Whether we are reading a third person account of a soldier coming home on leave or a second person narration of  a man on a bus hearing the account of a stranger’s life, Lambert manages to make each story interesting and involving stylistically and plot wise. No two stories are the same but each has a heart and soul of its own.

There is really nothing more to say about The War Tour other than confirming that it is a spectacular collection of short stories and I strongly recommend that you seek them out to read. You will not regret reading this collection of war tales.

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